Windows Tip: How to get rid of a malicious webpage or a program “Not Responding”

gestionnaire des taches

If you ever face a malicious web page with a threatening message that does not want to disappear, here’s what you can do: click the following keys on your keyboard one after the other and keep them pressed until a window appears: Ctrl-Shift-Esc. The key combination should open the Task Manager as in the image above.

Your window may look a little different, but make sure you are in the “Processes” tab. Then search for your browser’s entry, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, and click once. Then click the “End Task” button in the bottom right corner. On the confirmation window click “Yes”. You may have several instances of the browser entry. If that’s the case select the next one and End Task and so on until the undesired page is gone. This same maneuver can also be used for programs that are “Not Responding” for a minute.

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