This is why computers, tablets and smartphones slow down

Windows Task Manager
Mac’s Activity Monitor


Whether it is a Windows or Mac computer, a tablet or smartphone, the busier it is, the slower it will be.

In a Windows computer go to the Task Manager by pressing the key Ctrl+Shift+Esc. In a Mac computer, type “Activity” without the quotes in your search bar. In both cases, you can see how many tasks or “processes” your computer has undertaken: the higher the number, the lower the performance of the computer.

In an Android tablet or smartphone, the jargon is different of course. Go to Settings, Applications, and then Running. There you will see which applications are running simultaneously. For Apple tablets and smartphones, there is no similar location as “Running”. However you can get an idea of the amount of applications you have by viewing the different main screens. This will not tell you how many apps are running simultaneously though.

The universal method to allow a computer, tablet or smartphone to reach its optimal performance is to reduce the amount of unnecessary or non-essential tasks or applications.

Each year, or even every month in some cases, the lists of tasks and applications increase, often without clearly obtaining your permission. That is why it’s important to have regular computer tune-ups.

Additional tasks originate from new or updated software. Some software will be bundled with your updates, without you knowing, and are nothing more than disguised advertisements. While many free software programs are wonderful, others can infect your computer with serious consequences.

Your computers and other computerised devices are important tools. Regular tune-ups are a good idea. Computers can be done remotely in an hour or less most of the time, while computers, tablets and smartphones can all be done during a house call or drop off.

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