Windows 10 is coming… uninvited

Before having your iPhone repaired at an non-authorized dealer…

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For the first part of this post, about Windows 10, you can either read this post or watch the video by clicking on the picture below.

The second part, about the danger of getting your iPhone repaired at un-authorized Apple dealer, is only available in print.

I’ve mentioned it a few times in the last six months, but here’s another warning regarding Microsoft’s update method to Windows 10. Apparently the company really wants you to install it. I have nothing against Windows 10 – that’s my line of work after all – but it’s imperative that my tools work predictably, when I need them, and a change in my operating system is chock full of potential hardware and software risks.

article extreme tech

There – even without adressing the fors and againsts Windows 10 – having tools that work is why I will be staying with Windows 8.1 for a long while yet. I am enclosing two links to articles at the end of the written newsletter, the article pictured above, and in the second, a discussion about considerations before upgrading.

So to be clear: Windows 10 is not only at your door, it will automatically install itself  if you do nothing, because of Microsoft’s latest change in upgrading tactics.

If you do not wish to upgrade to Windows 10 at this time, there are two ways of preventing it : the first will work now, but likely only temporarily. Go to your Control Panel, Windows Updates, and remove the check-mark if applicable at the box titled « Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates ».

Crochet dans Recommended updates

That way Windows 10 will not install itself in your computer… for now. I say for now, because if Microsoft today decided to reclass the upgrade to Windows 10 from an optional download – without any obligation – to a “recommended update” it’s just a question of time before Windows 10 becomes reclassified again, this time as an « Important update ». You could always turn Windows updates off, but that’s a security risk, and I don’t recommend it unless you are able to take exceptional measures to protect yourself.

There is an easier and likely much more secure way for the average user to block the upgrade to Windows 10 permanently, but in a completely reversible way. Contact me for a cleanup and I will install a block to the upgrade at no extra charge.

Avis de MAJ W10

Please note: if you see the white four pane window symbol at the bottom right of your screen by the clock, this means you will receive the update to Windows 10. If you don’t immediately see that icon, make sure to click the arrow which shows all hidden icons and double check for the 4-pane window. If the icon is not there, not hidden, then you will not receive the upgrade to Windows 10, unless you accept to receive by some other means, for example an offer on a webpage.


Before getting your iPhone repaired at an independent repair shop

Millions of users throughout the world depend on their iPhone from Apple. Although very advanced, it has always been a very fragile device. So much so that a whole phone cover industry has been created to protect it against even minor accidental drops. Those who refuse to protect their devices do so at their peril. And now those who have had an accident now face further peril by having it repaired at an independent repair shop. Accepting the upgrade to iOS 9 after your home button or its cable has been replaced at a 3rd party shop could render your phone inoperable permanently. Get more details by reading the following story: « Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6

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