Windows 10 Free Upgrade: Should You Take The Bait And Update?

Many Windows users have noticed a new icon near their clock & date at the bottom right of their screen: a 4-pane window that indicates they are eligible for a free update to Windows 10. That’s right, free! Exciting! A new gadget! Ok, after you calm down from your excitement you need to put some thought into deciding if you are going to accept this gift, take the bait and update.

Why on Earth would anyone refuse such a gift? One word: Vista. OK, for some people, another word: Windows 8. In other words, you need to consider the potential consequences of your choice and not just the new bells and whistles. What happens if your printer, scanner or essential software program stops working after the upgrade?

My advice: if this is your work or work- at-home computer, then I would say a definite “no” until Microsoft has proven its latest offering worthy of your time and maybe your additional money, if new hardware or software is needed. If you are not computer savvy and don’t have lots of time and patience to troubleshoot any bugs, I would put off accepting the offer as well until you have time to invest and or someone to help you through the process. After all you have one full year to accept the offer, and for those who have reserved their copy through the new Windows logo by their clock, the offer will have no expiry date, according to this article:

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