My computer is about 5-6 years old. It is time to replace it?

It’s a well-known saying that the minute you purchased your computer it’s already obsolete. But wait a minute! This may have been true or true-er in the 1990’s but it’s not necessarily as true today. If you purchased your PC between 2010 and 2012, and run Windows 7, or even Windows Vista, you should be able to upgrade in most cases more cheaply than buying new. Why the cutoff date? It’s highly subjective: a computer built before that time is still upgradeable, but sometimes it does not make sense financially because it could be cheaper to buy new.

People usually think about buying new or upgrading because their PC is slowing down. If that’s your case, and it often is, your computer may just be in need of a clean-up. And, increasing RAM random access memory, not to be mistaken with your hard drive size which is storage space, could transform your PC from sluggish to jumpy in no time. The cost of memory chips is very reasonable.

This post was produced and appears courtesy of  Dr Ordi PC Dr, Moncton, NB.
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